OK, OK, perhaps it is a bit cavalier to put the poor bunnies in between the coyotes and the foxes in this project. I could have put these pictures in the Other Rodentia Species project, but while rabbits were formerly classified within Rodentia, they were determined by the strictest scientific methodologies and decades of research to be just too darned cute to be included in the same order as rats. Baby rabbits are called kittens (how cute is that?!?) while the males are called bucks and the females does. In the end, the rabbits in this project will be safe because they have peripheral vision greater than 180 degrees (not impressive to a deer) and, with four to eight litters per year producing three to eight young each, rabbits aren't going to disappear anytime soon. Coyotes are often blamed for declining numbers of pronghorn and other herbivorous species (it couldn't possibly be hunters or habitat destruction by humans). A group of coyotes is known as a rout. Male foxes are known as dogs or tods, and females as vixens (ooh la la!). A group of foxes is known as a skulk, a leash, or an earth. 
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