OK, how can we make photos of deer, which are seen throughout North America by anyone willing to take a five-minute hike into the woods, fields, or mountains, seem interesting. Well, as is our habit on Montana Wildlives, we will show how freakin’ adorable they are, over and over again. The deer in these pictures are whitetail or mule deer (with the latter being a type of blacktail). There is a reason that a coquettish flirt may be said to have doe eyes—similar to puppy dog eyes but without the shade of sadness. Deer have every right to be sad, however, with over 6 million killed by hunters every year in the United States. An additional million are killed by drivers, with only about 200 drivers killed. Thus the deer are about 5000 times more likely to be killed in these encounters than humans. Well after all, they were walking across OUR roads. With their wide eye placement, deer have a 310-degree field of view meaning that they can, while facing forward, see everything except for objects directly over their back. Imagine that. Your fun fact for the day is that deer (of all types including moose and elk) have antlers meaning that they fall off and are replaced each year, whereas ungulates such as bighorn sheep, pronghorn, and bison have horns which do not fall off but grow throughout the males’ lifetimes.
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