In the two months since our August (2016) post, we have identified and photographed an additional 19 bird species, bringing our total to 130 out of 353 (36.8%). If one were inclined to project this rate of identification (9.5 bird species per month, with our apologies to the .5), we would reach our goal of photographing every bird species in Montana in only 23 months. But such inclined people should instead recline and ponder the notion that the closer we get to 353, the harder it will be to identify new birds. Surely the last one will make the prior two seem like the first three.
This month we are adding three new bird families to the Every Bird portion of the website: pelicans (100.0%), rails (75.0%), and chickadees (75.0%). Admittedly, the primary purpose of adding the pelican family is because there are some fantastic pelican pictures (which could alternatively be classified as perch pictures or bass pictures).
In addition to the changes to the Every Bird section of the website, new pictures have been added to the bears, pronghorn antelope, great horned owls (see the two new pictures at the bottom if you have a strong stomach), other raptors, and other furry friends pages. Enjoy!
Finally, check out the new logo, a joint effort of myself and Italian artist Angela Megali (mostly her).
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