This month we have three new projects: My what big horns you have (bighorn sheep), Deer oh dear (ummmm....deer), and Oh give me a home (where the buffalo roam). In addition, pictures have been added to the project pages for bears (a cute one of a mom and two cubs and one big male), eagles (a gross one of a bald eagle having a snack in the moonlight), other raptors (three nice American kestrel pictures), other furry friends (more rabbits!), squirrels (munching mushrooms), and chipmunks (even cuter).
We also made our first update and entry to the Every Bird in Montana section of the website. As you may recall from our last blog post, one of the goals of this website and our wildlife photography is to take a picture of every bird species in Montana. No, really. We started this task by creating a spreadsheet containing all 444 bird species found in Montana and designated them as accidental if necessary (with these birds not included in our task). The 444 birds have been organized into 58 families, and the 58 families have been organized into 20 orders. We have started with one of our favorite orders, that of woodpeckers (Piciformes). There is a single family within this order, not surprisingly designed as...wait for it...woodpeckers (Picidae). Well let's just make this a formal introduction: these individuals are of the Animalia (animal) kingdom, The Craniata (vertibrates) phylum, the Aves (birds) class, the Piciformes (woodpeckers) order, and the Picidae (woodpeckers) family. Of the ten non-accidental species within the Picidae family in Montana, we have taken pictures of seven, and these are presented in that woodpeckers gallery. Woodpeckers are some of the easiest birds to find and photography because of their noisy forest behaviors and foolishly tolerant attitude toward humans.
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