Our Every Bird quest continues, and five new species were identified since our April blog post Including the rufus hummingbird, ruddy duck, grasshopper sparrow, common yellowthroat, and cliff swallow.  This brings the total to 146 species photographed out of 349 for a total of 41.8% of all bird species in Montana.  We’ve (prematurely, optimistically, ridiculously, outrageously) started planning a party for the 50% mark!  In a stroke of what can only be described as visionary brilliance, we’ll send engraved invitations to the remaining, as-yet unphotographed 50%.  You see, most of the work of a wildlife photographer is done in the cunning planning stages rather than out in the wild.  Or not. 
New changes to the website this month include a new gallery on the killdeer (a type of plover) along with a description of their fantastic broken-wing act (I almost called it amazing but since I made the dangers of referring to animals as amazing very clear last month, I stopped myself), and new Every Bird galleries on the cuddly vulture and ferocious finch families.  Below is a teaser for an upcoming gallery on some adorable raccoons.  Enjoy! 
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